Points of Agreement

2000-10-6 10:24:00

Chris writes:
"Thus, whilst my partner Fiona and I will continue to be part of this list with our contributions, I feel that the deeper nature of the Tibetan should not be posted here unless I am specifically invited to do so by either JJ or Rick."

If what you have is fairly short then it would be fine with me, but if it is lengthy I would suggest that you post it on a web page and give a reference. If you do not have a web page for posting I'm sure someone in the group would be happy to post it for you - Perhaps Rick or Mark.

I think what people would be particularly interested in is how you found out about these writings and what drove you to Tibet in your search. Again, if this is lengthy we could put it on a web page and announce the link, but even so I'm sure a short version would be of interest.

And Paul I must compliment you on writing more supportive posts without sacrificing your independence and intellectual integrity. I think people are noticing this.

I must say I am happy to find points of agreement with both of you.

As far as this announcing greatness topic, Larry makes a good point that deserves recognition.

Well, it goes back to most "claims" being counterproductive. Let us say that some among us had been an apostle in a previous life. Even if one actually knew that, and wasn't deceived, how would exposing that knowledge be productive? Is it the mission of one working in the light to make claims so that another person will take then as an authority as opposed to looking for the authority within? Or is the mission of one working in the light just the opposite?

The sure mark of a true disciple is that every move he or she makes has some purpose that benefits something other than lower self. As you pointed out there were several occasions where Jesus revealed Himself, but as with Peter and the woman at the well, most of these revelations were of a private nature to people who already surmised that he was the Christ. Most of what He revealed about Himself was the form of hints.

By the way, thank you for your wise and kind words Maryellen.

The Question:

How do we avoid persecution and extreme tribulation in this age? Susan, Larry and others gave good comments, but one prime ingredient has been overlooked.

Consider the Song of the 144,000. There are thousands now saying the Song with numbers growing daily. How will a large number of people saying this with visualization create a protective force for the New Group of Worlds Servers?

Hint: Energy follows thought.