Formulating Truth

2000-8-18 18:09:00

What is intuition from an esoteric point of view? What is the difference between instinct, emotional impulse, psychic impression, imagination, the still small voice, and intuition? Is soul contact essential before the power of intuition comes into play?

The reason I made this list is that these are methods whereby different people form their basis for formulating truth. These methods could be placed under two categories and expanded somewhat

PERSONALITY METHODS - Not always reliable.
(1) Instinct
(2) Emotional Impulse
(3) Imagination
(4) Logical deduction - reasoning.
(5) Mindless acceptance of authority or group thought.
(6) Common dreams
(7) Visions of thoughtforms

REVELATORY - Unlimited and reliable
(1) Intuition
(2) Still Small Voice
(3) Contact with the Masters
(a) Direct Contact
(b) Direct Impression
(c) True Vision or Dream Messages
(4) Higher Mind
(5) Identification
(6) Oneness Principle

Let us first talk about number one in both categories - instinct and intuition. Instinct is the most reliable impulse that comes to those who do not have conscious soul contact. Because it is filtered through emotional impulse, imagination, and some reasoning, it is often highly distorted by the time the personality applies the instinct.


We could define instinct as reliable computer programs that have been placed by the Creator into our vehicles for the purpose of insuring our survival. These little programs are always correct in their original context and worked well for primitive humanity, but in more complex situations they are often misleading. For instance, a calculator which can only add 2+2=4 is always correct, but not always useful. If you need to add 4+4 to equal 8 then you must disregard the former truth. 2+2=4 is still true, but just not useful.

The Intuition

Xavier (and others) made great comments on this. He said it is "Something from the soul, an energy coming from the soul to the personality. Like a descending flash of light. Like resonating, in alignment."

Whereas instinct impresses important facts upon the mind of the receiver, intuition impresses the principles behind the facts. He who wields instinct knows. He who masters intuition knows, and knows that he knows, and knows why he knows.

When esoteric writers such as Alice A. Bailey use the word intuition, they are really talking about a concept for which there is not an appropriate word in the English language. The typical dictionary definition reads something like this: "A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression." This definition includes what we here are calling the intuition, but also instinct, emotional impulse, and imagination. The ancient wisdom uses this word in a more exact way and is only used in reference to vision that is seen through the eyes of the soul.

The problem with understanding intuition is that a full realization of it requires a degree of soul contact. If the principle is explained to one who does not have soul contact, this person will not comprehend it. The understanding is beyond his ring-pass-not.

Seed thoughts for understanding the intuition are:

Point of tension
Flashing forth

Think on these seeds and post your thoughts and I will write more shortly.