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  • Shalom Dan:
    Once again I totally agree with you.   The scriptures are composed so that each person sees a mirror image of their own mind in what they read.   And this is one of the primary reasons I rarely ever interpret the scriptures for someone else.   It is therefore not myself who has stated that the scriptures have only one interpretation — wherein, I have stated that what every person INDIVIDUALLY sees in the scriptures is not only valid for them, but is an important starting point for each individual to progress.  And this is why I refused to offer my interpretation to the people on the Keysters forum who were trying to interpret the Gospel of Thomas.  Moreover, I have gone as far as to say that those who see only the historical cloak of the written word — and have not yet progressed along the path of spiritual maturity enough to begin to see the mind of the scriptures, much less the spirit, only see what they are supposed to see.   
    If you are trying to say that in the literal creation of the text of the scriptures the person who experienced the historical events in question, doesn’t know whether or not the text of the scriptures is literally true or not, then what you are saying is that the authors of the scriptures were just dumb idiots who the Spirit used.   If what you are saying is true, then Origen never could have made the statement:  meaning” (Origen quoted under Origen Adamntius; The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics).   Further explaining in De Principiis that: “Where the word found that things done according to the history could be adapted to these mystical senses, he made use of them concealing from the multitude the deeper meaning; but where in the narrative of the development of super-sensual things, there did not follow the performance of those certain events which were already indicated by the mystical meaning, the scripture interwove in the history the account of some event that did not take place, sometimes what could not have happened; sometimes what could but did not” — after all, how would the author of the scriptures then know what was (historically) true, and what was not (historically) true.
    The Spirit often writes through people without them knowing or realizing it.   There is excellent reason to recognize that the works of Shakespeare were inspired.  I am of the position that the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the US was inspired — and that the Founding Fathers were moved by the Spirit to create the government that we are presently in the process of throwing away.   And there are other such works that are inspired by the authors without them realizing the Source.
    The higher soul-self that you, who ascribe to Eastern teachings, portray as the true self on the Atmic plane, can see and understand all truths.   And what Origen was stating was that in many instances the person composing the scriptures is being inspired by their higher soul-self.   And this is true.  But, when rightly understood, the Gospels are representative of Spiritual Masterpieces — composed by humans who had achieved soul-birth, and were At-One with their higher soul-self that dwells on that Atmic plane which I portray through my experiences of direct interaction and going there, in the Realm of Souls.   The first time I used the word Christ with my higher soul-self, I was asked if I was Greek?  I was told to use the simple language that the people would understand — and this is why I often use the word Anointed (Messiah/Christ).  Thus, I never use Sanskrit words or terminology.  Why should I?   It is my position that in the same way that what Thomas Paine portrayed as “priest-craft” attacked the Christian religion, “priest-craft” in the same way attacked the Eastern religions.   And the Spiritual Heritage of the West was just as fruitful and advanced, as that of the East — and perhaps even more advanced at many points.
    In my portrayal of the Tree of Life, I never use the Hebrew terms — but rather, terms that were given to me that would better help English speaking people to comprehend.   And when I state that the Gospels were Spiritual Masterpieces, it is because the author who was At-One with their higher soul-self, WAS the Being of Light manifest in the body.   And to even suggest that the higher soul-self or Atmic level of being has no idea as to what is being allegorically written through them, would suggest that you are portraying the Atmic or higher soul-self as being earth-bound and unenlightened.   And if this is what you are stating, then you have no idea of the Enlightened Perception, Comprehension and Understanding of our True Self that is a Being of Light.
    In my forum I tell the membership that they don’t need me.   They only need to learn to connect with their own higher soul-self.   I could not count the number of times that I have stated that the higher soul-self of the most ignorant man walking the face of the earth, knows infinitely more than all the libraries and books authored by man.  Yet, you seem to be suggesting that those who Jesus himself assisted in achieving Oneness with their higher soul-self, did not know how to interpret the Language of the Soul with which not only the Gospels, but all of Creation is composed in.
    While we agree on many more points than we disagree, you seem to oppose what I write solely out of an allegiance to JJ — a man who has attempted to portray the Author of the scriptures (The Logos) as creating a deception and a lie, because of their allegorical and un-historic nature.   Again, it is my position that any seeker who has succeeded in making the journey to the soul very quickly becomes aware of not only the allegorical nature of the scriptures, but all of physical Creation — which is by Plato and a whole host of other mystics and Gnostics, have warned that man is living in a world of illusions.  In m writings I clarify this and state that man dwells in a realm of Allusions — meaning that every form and image in Nature is an aspect of mind impressed into the form that we see and observe with our physical senses.

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    Allan, I find no sensible reason to engage you when you so liberally reinterpret and represent what others write that the author has trouble recognizing his own thoughts in your presentation.
    One might logically presume you have done the same with any “inspired” works  and as I and Origen have both stated, works of Spirit are open to interpretation, and thus the interpretation of those works by the vessel through which they were delivered is not necessarily any more true and correct than the next mans.
    BTW, Origen also said that Spirit delivered the works in all their meanings that they might be useful to ALL men, regardless of where they may stand on the path.


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    Shalom JJ:
    I fully understand why, when you attempt your group regressions, you get all sorts of gobbly gook.   In the first place, the person doing the regression has a great influence on the outcome of the regression experience.   When Jesus assisted his core disciples in journeying within themselves into the Realm of Souls and beyond, he was able to do this because of his own Enlightened Spiritual Vibration and Reality.   And when this Power and Authorities was imparted to his core disciples, they were able to bring about results far beyond the organic people of this world.   I know, because the personalities which my soul has been living as, have been using this ability to guide others in TheWay, over the course of the last 2000 years.   And this is why the Apostle Peter is quoted as stating: Hence, O beloved Clement, if you would know the things pertaining to God, you have to learn them from Him alone, because He alone knows the truth. For if any one else knows anything, he has received it from Him or from His disciples” (see ).   Now, if you are a sincere seeker, and you consciously choose the path to become a genuine disciple of TheWay, then when you reach a certain stage in your spiritual maturity, you will be blessed by receiving this Power of shepherding the seekers into TheWay.
    One of the objectives that I was given — which my soul has been faithful to over the past 2000 years — is to assist others to the degree that they no longer need my guidance and wisdom to learn, and themselves become the Anointed (Messiah/Christ).   As a servant of TheWay, I am only here to invite sincere seekers to the Wedding Feast — assisting them in putting on the required Wedding Garment — so that they can themselves become United to the Bridegroom.   Therefore, I never attempt to impersonate the One Teacher by claiming that I am a teacher.   I don’t charge anyone for my assistance.  And my objective is to assist them in becoming sincere and genuine disciples of TheWay — thereby enabling them to receive their Full Inheritance as the divine offspring of God — i.e., the prodigal son returned to their True Source of Being.   So, to say that you cannot achieve the same results as I do, is correct.   Because I have been commissioned to continue serving the Lord — and because I enlightingly understand the Cosmology of Mind and the higher reality of the Soul — I not only enable people to see, observe and even interact with the previous lives their soul-self has lived — but I have been able to successfully bring past personalities into the present, and have had extensive and extended conversations and interactions with those personalities of the past in the present.   Spiritually Advanced souls can suspend their present personality by entering what I portray as the Mansion of the Soul-Self, and permit previous personalities to temporally manifest in the body in the present.   Nowhere are such Inner Journeys even hinted at in any of your writings — or, for that matter, the writings of the New Age self-help practitioners.  Neither do they appear anywhere in the Alice Bailey writings, or the writings of any of the Theosophical authors.   And while everyone INHERENTLY has this innate ability to accomplish this, these abilities must be awakened and matured to become usable.   But to accomplish this, and begin to manifest your inherent spiritual birthrights, you must desire to travail in TheWay.  Notice that I use the word travail, meaning to embrace the process of higher spiritual birth.   Most people conclude that this is an inconvenience — as as my mother used to criticize the manner in which I live, she would say: When in Rome, you do as the Romans do.   Which is of course why few people ever realize their full spiritual potential.
    You have made it clear that you don’t want to listen to a single thing that I have to say.  In order to preserve the significance of this post in reply to you, I took the liberty of restoring my reply to Dan in the below which initiated your response to me.   Might I point out that I have made some inroads with you, as can be seen in the fact that you no longer attack the authors of the scriptures as creating a deception and a lie — and now only attack the messenger who you have been guided to, in order to help and assist yourself and the members of your forum.  You have previously gone on record that you are tired of hearing any reference to the analogy of the illusions of Plato’s Cave — but lacking an understanding of the nature of these illusions which are allusions, it will remain virtually impossible for you to escape this realm of illusions.   And I have endured your abuse, in order to plant seeds of wisdom in the thinking of your forum members who have the potential to seek the Truth and the Light within themselves, so that their own higher soul-selves will then be able to better guide them in TheWay/  This in turn would perhaps bring about your greatest fear, when they are then able to tap into their Inner Source, and no longer need you.   After all, the objective of my writings as a servant of TheWay, is to bring about that condition within those who are guided to me, that they no longer need me, and can themselves be taught by their True Self that is within them — and ultimately the Logos. 
    In spirit they did not want me to author a new set of scripture — but rather, prepare the seekers to understand the true spiritual meaning of the scriptures they presently use, and also to prepare them to receive the libraries of scriptures that will be recovered in the future (see .   And even more important, in Spirit they want me to restore the knowledge of how a seeker can make the journey to their own higher soul-self.   And this is why my writings restore much of the esoteric knowledge that the Church suppressed and destroyed.  It is clear that you have been intimidated by someone such as myself possessing this body of esoteric knowledge, and you constantly attempt to discredit the wisdom of my writings, the members of the Nazirene Disciple forum, and even members of your own forum such as Judy who questions why you use these bullying tactics.   The problem is that unless you begin to understand the Language of the Soul, then you cannot make any progress beyond the point where you presently are at.

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    Shalom Jim:
    I am going to put your below post across my main forum, so that everyone there can get a laugh at your irrational reasoning.  If the scriptures are largely allegorical — and do not report historical events accurately — then if I was to even attempt to convey an actual historical record, I would immediately be rejected by the Christian community I was sent and commissioned to assist.   The wise thing to do is exactly what I was directed to do — i.e., assisting them to understand how to use the scriptures as the Key of Knowledge ( ), thereby fulfilling the original intent of the Gospels, enabling them to learn directly from their own enlightened Inner Source.   
    Did you ask Dr. Larry if I in any manner attempted to cause him to believe that he lived as the personalities he perceived while being regressed?  No, you did not, because you don’t want to hear his answer.   Did you ask any of the other core forum members if I in any manner caused them to believe they were certain personalities?  No, of course not.   Yet, all esoteric teachings convey the fact that souls incarnate in groups — together, from life to life.   So, the fact that I am surrounded by other souls who in the past, developed together, is a fact verified by any and every author of esoteric works.   Ra, like others who have been directly guided by their higher soul-self, was told to seek me out.   And it is not an accident that many of the forum members were guided to our forum environment.   
    You are an angry old man — angry because for 20 years you were an Evangelical preacher who eventually rejected the very Gospels which you were blind to the true spiritual meaning of — and you are angry at me for revealing that blindness to you.   So, after rejecting the Gospels, you then chase after secret orders and yogis and gurus — to the degree that not even your own wife will have any part in your folly.   And you can’t live with the essence of what I write that you don’t need the books and teachers of this world that you rely so heavily upon for your wisdom and understanding.  If what I witness with respect to the higher reality of the soul is true, and you don’t need the books and teacher of this world, then you again feel that you are blind and gravely deceived by the path you have chosen to follow.   So, you blame me, the messenger, for your own failure to properly interpret the original Gospels that you preached to other people.   The fact that you have spent your life wandering blindly, is merely your karma.   Look at all those people you preached Roman dogma to, when you were an Evangelical preacher?  And the fact that you already possessed the answer to what you sought in the outer world, is the enigmatic reality you are not yet ready to come to terms with.   
    A seeker who in the past lives their soul has evolved to an elevated stage of enlightenment, would never, never, preach as an ordained Assembly’s of God minister.   They would INTUITIVELY know that the dogma of Rome which you preached, was a defiled message.   Many of the seekers who are attracted to my writings, INTUITIVELY know that while the Gospel is the Truth, what the Church preaches is a deformed version of Franken-gospel.   Yet, you were simply not INTUITIVE enough to recognize this fact — and you bought into the farce, hook, line and sinker.   Like most Evangelical preachers, you ignored the important spiritual statements that taught to use the scriptures as the Key of Knowledge to gain entrance into the Inner kingdom, and you continued to wander the earth in search of the wisdom that can only be received by living the Consecrated Life in TheWay.   And now you blame me for your karma and folly.  
    Those who have developed that essential inner Intuitive connection, know that I write the Truth about the Gospel that exists no where else in the usable manner that I present it.    Moreover, I answer any reasonable question they present, with workable answers to help them in their journey.   That you don’t like my answers, is because you lack the inner INTUITIVE connection to your True Self — and you now attempt to blame me for your own failings.   Why, you even blame me for the fact that when God created man, that even the hair and beard of man has an important mental and spiritual purpose — as confirmed by the Sikhs (see Nazirene Vow), which  confirms the original teachings of Jesus.   In view of the fact that I have never knowing met a Sikh in this life, it would be difficult for you to convince anyone that I hypnotized them into believing the teachings that they promote — teachings that confirm the tenets of the original disciples of TheWay.   In fact, in many respects you sound like Obama — blaming everyone but himself, for the folly and disasters that his thinking has brought about.   You are too old to tell to grow up and take responsibility for your life — but maybe your failures in this life will be amended in the future lives your soul lives.     


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    JJ writes :
    Well, 2000 years has passed since Allan supposedly wrote the greatest document of all time so he should be even more talented today than he was then.

    Therefore, he should be able to write a book of scripture for us that far excels the corrupted book of Matthew or John. And writing scripture better than Paul should be no problem for Allan sees his letters so inferior that they do not even qualify as scripture.

    So, I ask the group. Have you seen anything in Allan’s many writings that would stand the test of the ages as something inspiring enough to be scripture?


    The only back up I ever saw to Allan’s claims were corroboration from his core members, verifying that they lived as other historical characters the same time Allan did. ( Dr. Larry, as Eusebius; Rick as Origen; Jeff as ?? ; Emmanuel as Allan’s Scribe who penned Allan’s original Gospel containing Hebrew letters ; Flo being Allan’s wife in many of his past lives he had claimed,……..etc.etc.


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  1. Allan says:
    “…….and that the Founding Fathers were moved by the Spirit to create the government that we are presently in the process of throwing away.”

    How did the Founding Fathers create the Government that America has now?

    That is a weird statement to make and is not true.


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