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Re: [Keysters] Fwd: [ChristianReincarnation] The Cosmology Of Mind And Being
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Shalom Jim:

The posts and replies are in the forum history — and anyone is able to seek out and either verify your statements, or see the truth as I have presented it. Actually, I like people such as yourself — because you stimulate discussion into areas that I don’t normally write on. As stated, you assisted me in the writing of The Way Of The Monk ( ) — and I even thanked you for the input you supplied. Further, many of the more in-depth explanations of the differences between the teachings of TheWay and those of the East are in the Library — and since you supplied the input, you should be given the credit for enabling me to write these in-depth explanations and explorations. These posts are there for anyone to see in the Library. Therefore, when you make the claim that you were not supplied in-depth explanations, the truth is that the explanations did not confirm what you demanded to hear, and were not in harmony with those who walk the Eastern path — and therefore you did not see these very Gnostic concepts as being integral to your thinking. And since the original teachings of TheWay are the purist of Gnostic teachings, it is perfectly understandable why you did not agree with what was presented to you. And from my perception, this is a good thing — because the original teachings of TheWay has very little in common with Eastern gurus and yogi’s But since you approach all difference of spiritual paths in the manner of a fire and brimstone preacher, that we have differences is perfectly understandable. The proof that in-depth explanations were provided to you is in the Library. That you do not agree with the teachings that were presented to you, is because of the difference between the East and Western Spirituality and Gnosticism. That you do not comprehend these higher spiritual teachings, is because of the path that you are on.


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Subject: [Keysters] Fwd: [ChristianReincarnation] The Cosmology Of Mind And Being
Hi JJ and Keysters,

These exchanges were pretty normal, friendly back and forth questions and answers before Allan started running out of answers to my friendly, but curious questions. He had not started calling me an old cranky man that did not take my Meds yet. Also notice the kitty who was getting getting lost in Allan’s sand box. No one should blame either me, kitty, or even the Brown Brothers for taking advantage of asking, and Expecting, valid Spiritual answers to simple questions from the very brother of The Historical Jesus Christ should we?

Enjoy, …….or not.




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nazirene <>2:54 PM
Re: [Keysters] Playing the flute of the soul
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Shalom Jim:

My writings were never intended to be written for someone such as yourself to understand — after all, you are of an entirely different mindset, as well as the path you are traveling on. You have come to the Nazirene Disciple forum promoting your Eastern path — a path that I neither support, nor have anything to do with. And while I have acknowledged to you that it is a valid path, it is not the one which is associated with the historical man Yeshua and TheWay. And while you are welcome to walk your path, I am not a follower of your path. Where you were a fire and brimstone Evangelist preacher, now you have merely switched to a new paradigm, preaching your Eastern dogma. That is fine. Perhaps that is the path you are supposed to be on. This is not for me to say. I reach those who are supposed to be reached by what I write. Moreover, neither is it surprising that Allen Brown does not understand what I write.

The forum membership portrayed you as a cranky old man who was off his meds — and this is perhaps easily demonstrated in the fact that I just did a search on your phrase Ananthama, and there is not a single post in the Christian Reincarnation forum where you are associated with that word. And anyone is free to join that forum and search the forum history for posts which would confirm what you promote. In a forum discussion, you have the tendency to get unhinged when you are opposed by people who do not agree with you — just like a fire and brimstone preacher when you tell them that the Gospel they preach has been interpolated with Roman Paganism. In fact, the last time you returned to the forum, the membership was concerned that you were becoming violent. And anyone is free to join the forum and research the posts for themselves. In view of the fact that you live not to far from me, the forum members were concerned for my safety.


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Sent: Thursday, October 2, 2014 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: [Keysters] Playing the flute of the soul
The only problem with any new visiter visiting Allan’s Nazarine Library, he rarely posts the exchanges leading up to his Diatribes and Ananthamas rebuking the questioners. A few of my “basic” questions, comments, and rebuttals might be in a few posts, but most of them are not there, so would paint a one sided Picture, like the Zen Koan, “One Hand Clapping.”

At least, any Rational person with any interest in any sort of Religious or spiritual topics can go to either JJ’s free read sites, or his books, and even my little obscure blog and read any thing presented there. Most rational seekers will not feel insulted, or rebuked, or made to feel depressed.

But, every single seeker I have ever sent over to read Allan’s web pages report exactly, what every single KOK member reports, ( except Judy) after they have departed Allan’s Rabbit Holes of Mazes that always leeds a reader back to the Starting point with out offering any way out of the entrapment. Exactly as Allen Brown stated Allan’s Mazes have effected him over all of the years he has gone back there.


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  1. According to Allan’s teachings, only the Gnostics can find the inner Logos and understand his teachings.

    Funny that, considering Jesus taught otherwise and taught to anyone who would listen to his teachings or wanted to follow His words and works.

    Therefore, God and the Inner Logos is ALL inclusive, rather than EXCLUSIVE, as Allan seems to imply in his above statement about Jim.

    All of us are reflections of God and therefore can find our way back to the God within by searching out Truth and true principles as explained in JJ’s teachings and the AAB teachings.

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