A Trinity That Reveals

Dec 9, 2016

 A Trinity That Reveals

I have often taught that a major dividing point between the dark and the light or the Dark Brotherhood and the Brotherhood of Light is the Principle of Freedom. The dark side is willing to enslave their brothers to accomplish their goals and the good guys are willing to work with our free will to the maximum extent possible.

This makes it difficult for the Hierarchy for we indeed are a stubborn bunch and I am sure the temptation is great to just herd us like animals rather than guide us through free will.

Even so, the Elders among us have chosen the better way, though it seems slower at times, the end result is much better and permanent.

It is interesting though that the Trinity, through the Law of Correspondences manifests in all things and indeed there is a great Trinity of qualities that separates the opposing sides. We know that the Principle of Freedom is one of them. What are the other two?

When I give them out many seekers will immediately register that this triangle is valid. Here they are:


Here is how it breaks down.


Intent on the Dark Side centers on selfishness and separateness – “the one real sin.” (DK) Fulfilling their desire is more important than truth or freedom.

Intent on the Light Side centers on unselfish service, inclusiveness, finding truth and manifesting freedom.


The Dark Side is willing to lie or distort the truth at the drop of a hat to get their way usually while presenting themselves as people of integrity yet accusing others of lying when real truth is spoken. They will pretend to be open minded yet will shut down the opposing side of an argument at the first opportunity. Instead of seeking truth they seek to verify their desires and beliefs. They lean on outward authority over truth.

Those on the side of light try and tell the truth and keep their promises to the best of their ability. They also seek the truth, even if it will wind up proving some of their current beliefs incorrect. They are willing to allow both sides of an argument have their say and consider each in reaching conclusions. They often see truth beyond that accepted by the authorities of the world and receive criticism for expressing it.


I’ve already written much on freedom so I will just say here that the Dark Side only cares about freedom for themselves and the Brotherhood of Light desires freedom for the many.

It is interesting that pure intent leads to finding the truth and truth leads to freedom as enslavement comes through deception.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Jesus

I will be writing more on these three points but for now consider that they provide a key to discern which side of the various arguments among us that is supported by the light and the dark.

Of the two sides of any argument one will lean to the left and the other to the right hand path. Sometimes the difference is great, sometimes small. Sometimes the truth seems obvious, but often the difference is subtle and the masses are persuaded more by propaganda than the truth.

Using these guides it is interesting to look at the proponents of the various arguments out there and ask this. Which side shows more selfish intent, distorts the truth and is willing to take away freedom. Then ask which side has the most unselfish intent, seeks the truth and supports maximum freedom?

Look at the two sides of the various divisive arguments going on today and seek to apply this Trinity.

In addition to these correspondences to the Trinity there are four other qualities representing the additional four rays, making a total of seven.

Light, Dark and the Seven Rays

We have touched on the qualities that manifest in the dualistic physical reality that relate to the Trinity of the first three rays which are:

The duality = unselfish intent vs selfish intent.

The duality = focus on truth vs lies and distortions to reach goals.

Freedom = focus on self-control by inner authority and initiative vs control by strong outer authority.
The question now arises as to what are the qualities represented in rays four to seven? Take a look at these and see how they register.

Ray Four: Conflict

The duality = focus on attack, name calling, labeling vs argument through logic, reason and measured words.

Ray Five: Concrete Knowledge

The duality = focus all pertinent facts vs focus on a few facts mixed with distortion.

This boils down to the open mind willing to look at both sides vs one who is not open and seeks to look at only that which supports his view.

Ray Six: Seeking the ideal

The duality = focus on harmlessness vs force or violence to achieve goals.

Ray Seven: Law

The duality = focus on law and order or lawlessness followed by lack or order.

These seven criteria is an effective measure to examine the two sides of a conflict and then determine which side is closer to the light or the right hand path. We shall examine a few conflicts in duality out there and see how the two sides hold up to this seven ray standard.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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